Managing Agents

NIB Insurance Brokers appreciate that Managing Agents, whilst involved in property insurance, have completely different requirements to the property owner.

Managing Agents are “agents” to their clients. Therefore, is it vital that they are able to provide the best terms for a range of insurances. Property insurance is only one of a list of product requirements for managing agent business. Additional Terrorism Cover, Engineering / Inspection Insurance, Residential Directors’ & Officers’ Liability and to a lesser extent, Contract Works cover, are all essential requirements which the managing agent needs to have access to.

NIB Insurance Brokers is a specialist in the insurance requirements for managing agents. We understand the need for the Managing Agent to offer professional and expert advice to their clients in order to obtain the management of the business and secure the long-term relationship with their client. Reputation is paramount as with it brings referral business and hence growth. It is essential that we provide solutions to assist the Managing Agent in retention of the business.

For Managing Agents business we generally look to offering a single insurer product for each of the above policies. This builds and develops the relationship with the insurer and hence enables us to negotiates better terms, provide more enhanced benefits.